Monday, October 15, 2007

Champion Hills

On September 29th, Sheila and John were married at Champion Hills Country Club in Hendersonville, NC. I just loved working with Sheila and her mother, Joanne, on this wedding. Very gracious and kind people, and they definitely deserved the sunny day that God provided! Shelia looked radiant! Enjoy these extraordinary pictures that Corey McNabb captured of Sheila and John's special day! :)

That's me...putting on chair ties!

The results!

I told you it was sunny! :)

Thank you to the Flower Market for the delightful blooms! I love yellow!

Future clients of Weddings with Tara! :)

Sheila and her sweet.

I have posted many pictures of my dog, Toni, but here is a video! This is of my dad trying to do some work...of course, Toni wants all the attention!


Corey McNabb said...

What a beautiful wedding! You did an amazing job as usual!

And I'll bet your dad loves gettng all those kisses from the ladies!!

Libby Brady said...

That video is so funny! Corey Mcnabb is one awesome wedding photographer!! I love checking out all the weddings you do, Tara.. you and Jonathan are so talented and blessed! :)
Oh yeah.. you are not blocked from my blog anymore :)

regina holder said...

love the video! toni definitely loves her granddad!