Friday, June 27, 2008

I wanted to show you the engagement pictures of Kelly and Roy taken by Ryan Bumgarner. Kelly and Roy are getting married in September at a charming church in Asheville, with a reception at the Crest Center. I am so excited for them!

How adorable is he?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Kim and Eliot

Kim and Eliot were married at the Grove Park Inn on May 24th. They are one of the sweetest couples I have ever worked with, and their wedding reflected their style and personality. They had a blast at their wedding, and that is what I love to hear! It was so funny...on Monday after their wedding, I was at the Charlotte airport getting ready to go on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. As I am walking to my gate, here comes Kim and Eliot! They probably thought their wedding planner was following them on their honeymoon! :) :)

Kim and Eliot's photographer, Indigo Photography, was kind enough to send me some great pictures to share with you all. Thank you, Indigo!

I love this shot!

Beautiful blooms by The Bloom Room!

Thank you to Tere for all that she did for me to make this wedding flawless!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feature on Southern Wedding Style Blog

I am excited to let you know that one of the weddings I had the honor to assist with back in September has been featured on the SWS Blog! Lora and Jeremy were married at the Lioncrest on the Biltmore Estate back in September. It was gorgeous, and Woodward and Rick took the fabulous photos! Check out the blog! Thank you, SWS!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I want to say Happy Birthday to my husband, Toni (my dog), and my wonderful mother-in-law (Sandy). Their birthday was yesterday, June 11th. This past weekend we celebrated Jonathan and Toni's birthday at my parent's house. My poor husband didn't get much attention, but Toni certainly did. We bought her a peanut butter flavored birthday cake from Three Dog Bakery, and they so graciously gave us two scoops of 'Lickity Split Ice Cream' for both Toni and Bezer (my parent's dog). Enjoy these precious pictures...

Mama...that looks SO good!

Hey G-Mama, why does Bezer get more than me? It's my birthday!

Monday, June 2, 2008

More weddings to show you!

It is hard to believe that May has passed and June is already here! Wedding season is definitely upon us, and it is so much fun! I wanted to bring you some pictures from two different weddings that have occurred recently...

West and Walt were married on May 17th at Green River Preserves camp in Cedar Mountain, North Carolina. West used to work as a counselor at this camp, so it was very dear to her heart. This was a beautiful camp, surrounded by woods...couldn't be a better place for a wedding! The day was gorgeous, the flowers were stunning, and West and Walt were beaming! Perfect day...

Fortunately, they had Ryan Bumgarner taking pictures...

Jessica and Meredith with Aria Floral did an incredible job on this wedding. Their design and ideas matched exactly what West had in was meant to be! :)

Yes, that is a groomsmen...

Beautiful bridesmaids...

West and her sweetheart of a dad...

This is one of Walt and West's friends, who painted the ceremony as it was neat is that! That is one of the best presents ever!

Walt and his brother toasting with their self-made brew!

In April, Meredith and Jesse were married at The Farm, in Candler. Such a fun place for a couple who likes the outdoors and contra dancing (They were so good)! Here are some pictures that Meredith sent me so you all could enjoy them! Thank you, Meredith!!

How much happier can you be?? :)

Liz with The Purple Iris did a wonderful job with the flowers, as always! Love the sunflowers!

Barbecue by Luella's BBQ...yummy!

I didn't know they were taking my picture... :) Looks like I was enjoying myself!

Contra Dancing!

Meredith and Jesse contra you think they are having fun?