Thursday, September 18, 2008

I just love Adrienne and Will...I think everyone that knows them would say the same thing! They were married back in July inside the Biltmore Estate at the Lioncrest. It was a gorgeous summer evening...what every bride wishes for! I distinctly remember hearing one loud thunderclap right before Adrienne walked out for the ceremony...and that was it! It was God's music for her intro! :) Here are lots of pictures for you to check out by the photographer extradordinarre, Corey McNabb....

I think this is a great picture...all of us trying get her in this dress!

Thank you to The Bloom Room for giving Adrienne the flowers that she dreamed of!

Hee hee the cows in the background.... :)

One of my favorite shots with the Biltmore House's reflection...fabulous!!

We tied all the place cards onto candles for the guests to pick was beautiful.

Umm....yea...cute. :) That does not look like the bride and groom to me!

There they are!!


Libby Brady said...

Gorgeous wedding! LOVE the pic of them w/ the Biltmore House in the water reflection! Love ya!

Jill McNabb said...

Such pretty photos of the a gorgeous wedding. I love the idea of the candles as seating assignments. I'm sure that was beautiful!

Miss you.

Karla said...

Libby was attention went right to the shirtless guy!