Thursday, June 12, 2008


I want to say Happy Birthday to my husband, Toni (my dog), and my wonderful mother-in-law (Sandy). Their birthday was yesterday, June 11th. This past weekend we celebrated Jonathan and Toni's birthday at my parent's house. My poor husband didn't get much attention, but Toni certainly did. We bought her a peanut butter flavored birthday cake from Three Dog Bakery, and they so graciously gave us two scoops of 'Lickity Split Ice Cream' for both Toni and Bezer (my parent's dog). Enjoy these precious pictures...

Mama...that looks SO good!

Hey G-Mama, why does Bezer get more than me? It's my birthday!

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Jill McNabb said...

Happy Birthday to Sandy, Jonathan, and Toni! Those pictures are so cute. Toni is such a sweetie and I'm so glad you bring each other so much happiness. Let's get us all together soon!