Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Introducing Tiny Heiny!

Tiny Heiny (Micah Braden Heiny) was born on August 7th, and is the adorable child of our close friends, Pauline and Jeremy. Libby Brady, my amazing friend and INCREDIBLE children photographer, was able to take Tiny's pictures 4 days after his birth! You have to check these out...I puffy heart these photos! Love you both, Libby and Pauline!

oh my goodness...how adorable!!!!


jheiny said...

Words cannot express how much I love these photo's!! Libby is amazing and we had so much fun! I love you both!

Karla said...

You "puffy heart" these...I love that expression! Libby's talent is undeniable!!
See you soon...love ya!

Brian + Gry said...

Wow! Great images! And. . ."Tiny Heiny"?! too funny!

Jill McNabb said...

SO cute! Thanks for sharing them. See you tomorrow night = fun.

Jill Schwarzkopf said...

These images make me want to have another one!
It was great to hear you speak at the Corey McNabb workshop.
See you soon!

Laurie Johnson said...

Yea, that really does make me want another! But no....!

Tara, thank you so much for speaking today at the McWorkshop - also thanks for last night. Um, you know what I mean. The food was delicious!!!!

And someone and their husband are extremely gorgeous and will be so very happy with all of the wonderful photos. Thank you, thank you!!!