Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The incredible Corey McNabb has begun a new adventure in his business called the Smoochbooth! It is an awesomely cool photo booth that you can use at weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and more! The look of the booth is sleek, sexy, and the pictures are fabulous! Check out these crazy photos we took together at the Wedding Festival!

Corey and I....Jill, I promise Corey and I are not really smooching! :)

The gorgeous, orange-haired Amber, goofy Corey, and very strange...me!

Amber and I took the spotlight...

This is Amber, Janet (one of my fantabulous brides!), and her super cool mom!


Jill McNabb said...

These made me laugh so hard! How great is the Smoochbooth??! I'm so excited for the people who are booking it because we know how much fun they'll have. Yay!

Corey McNabb said...

Whoopee! "It's the boothy-est!"